“Seeking Dolly Parton” follow-up gets title, begins pre-production

(Michael Worth rehearses actresses Kacey Clarke and Sonya Davis) The lesbian-themed romantic comedy Seeking Dolly Parton, which made the festival rounds last year and is releasing under the Gravitas Label this spring, has an official follow up already going into … Continue reading “Seeking Dolly Parton” follow-up gets title, begins pre-production

Not Lost In Translation

The internal clock went off at 6:30 am.  I was getting better.  No more 4:45. Instead of trying to force some more restful sleep into my system I decided that being Sunday morning, this would be the best time for a run through the City of Uwara as there would be less pedestrian traffic to dodge through.  As always with these foreign country runs, I start off thinking I am going to do two or three miles and find by the end of my sight seeing I have done closer to six.  I was quickly reminded that the danger was … Continue reading Not Lost In Translation