Rance Howard – Acting As My Friend

As I stood on a fork in the road that would soon separate me from the actor standing next to me in the scene we were shooting,  I suddenly became aware I was not really acting with this man beside me, but simply just reacting to this quiet moment between us.  That state of being we as actors strive to attain via years of mechanical exercises and mental mind games.  But at that moment, I relied on absolutely nothing to feel the sense of loss and hurt I was to express in the scene; it was just there. Rance Howard … Continue reading Rance Howard – Acting As My Friend

Principal Photography Wraps on “Broken Memories”

Ivan Sergei, Rance Howard, Cerina Vincent and Kelly Greyson Stars in Romantic-Drama Los Angeles, CA – “Broken Memories,” a romantic-drama directed by Michael Worth (“Enchanting the Mortals”) has officially wrapped principle photography. The feature film, shot throughout Southern California, stars … Continue reading Principal Photography Wraps on “Broken Memories”

Exposing The Mortals – Rescuing the artist from the commerce (or how Zombies vs. Bigfoot can still be good)

Michael Here — Remember when it dawned on you that your particular art or trade was what you would pursue in your life?  Somewhere early on you were so impassioned with the idea that you said: “I’d do it for … Continue reading Exposing The Mortals – Rescuing the artist from the commerce (or how Zombies vs. Bigfoot can still be good)

A New Star Opens the Heavens

The first time I saw Karen Kim was high atop an archaic hotel roof in the middle of Bulgaria in 2000. The film I was shooting there was Isaac Florentine’s US SEALS 2, and I knew the actress I was about to meet was playing the very stoic, disciplined Karate expert/ Samurai specialist who was my unsettled love interest in the film. Though as it appropriately turned out, she was also playing that character’s rambunctious and all-be-damned twin sister, so I wasn’t quite as taken aback by her animated entrance into my life. Her laugh made it across the precarious … Continue reading A New Star Opens the Heavens

“God’s Ears” gets Thailand Premiere!

Grizzly Peak Films’ “God’s Ears” will get its Thailand premiere at the 9th annual World Film Festival of Bangkok this November. The film festival runs between November 4 and November 13 in Bangkok and features a large selection of international features and documentaries. “God’s Ears” will be participating as one of four films in the “Autism & Special Needs Section” of the film festival. The three other films in that division being screened are “Kids With Camera”, “Ocean Heaven”, and “For Once in My Life”. The festival is only the 2nd time “God’s Ears” has been screened internationally, the first … Continue reading “God’s Ears” gets Thailand Premiere!

“God’s Ears” Feels Good

On Sunday, August 15th actor and comedian Hal Sparks was taking a moment to drag out the reading of The Feel Good Film Festivals final Award of the night, Best Feature Film. Earlier in the night, “God’s Ears” had been nominated for Best Director, Best Actress and Best Director but the awards would ultimately go to the deserving productions of Herpes Boy and Eagle’s In The Chicken Coop. As the list of prizes were read that went along with the award, both Margot Farley and myself looked to each other tacitly agreeing that whoever was winning this was going to … Continue reading “God’s Ears” Feels Good