Love In One Act: a mini-doc on life’s greatest appreciation.

During the Sedona International film festival in 2017, the cast and crew of the feature film Broken Memories (including Ivan Sergei and Kelly Greyson) screened their film there.  One of the film’s star Rance Howard, who played a man stricken with Alzheimer’s, had just the month before lost his wife to the disease.  Over the course of one day, actor/director Michael Worth took some time to talk to Rance about this experience and what it means to him.  The following is some of what he captured:

Shot on the SonyA7s2.  Canon FD series.  Slight color grade in Final Cut 7.


“Catfish Blues” Receives Three Festival Nominations!


After following up screenings and wins with The Big Island Film Festival and The Indie Film Awards, “Catfish Blues” from Grizzly Peak Films and executive producer David Tadman has been nominated for three more accolades from The Maverick Movie Awards in Los Angeles.  With the first leading role for 94 year old actress Lois Stewart (and Grizzly Peak Films’ owner Michael Worth’s grandmother) she has been nominated as Best Actress for her effort (Stewart won a Best Supporting Actress award for her appearance in the film God’s Ears in 2011).

Stewart’s co-star, Tim Thomerson, has also received a Best Supporting nod for his role as a man struggling with Alzheimer’s.  Thomerson is a long established actor in Hollywood acting along side the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman and Linda Hunt.  He is also appearing in the upcoming Bring Me The Head of Lance Henriksen.

The film’s third nomination is for Best Cinematography, where the unique and beautiful setting of Chico, California was captured as the film’s background.  Shot on both Canon 7D and 5Dmk2 cameras to utilize a more mobile crew through the backwoods of Northern California, the project completed principal photography within a quick 10 day shoot.


The film is scheduled for a release on digital download platforms and a limited edition Blu-ray this fall.

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