“Catfish Blues” location Paradise California, considered “gone”.

The California wildfires have completely devastated the small Northern California  town of Paradise, north of Sacramento.  Being considered the most destructive fire in the state’s history, the loss of life has reached 29 as of this writing, with over 200 still considered missing.

In 2015, the town of Paradise was the filming location for Grizzly Peak Films’ “Catfish Blues“, a family coming of age drama (winner of the Audience Choice Best Feature at The Big Island Film Festival 2016).  Several of the film’s key locations, including the historic 132 year old Honey Run Bridge (featured on the DVD menu) are now destroyed.



How to help support those affected by the fires please go here.


(Actor Max Tadman walks the length of the Honey Run Bridge in a scene from “Catfish Blues”)

To view a scene filmed on the historic bridge, click the poster below.



Rance Howard’s “Apple Seed” gets first poster image

Hollywood character actor Rance Howard (who passed away last year at 88 years old) completed his final feature film performance in the drama/comedy Apple Seed which releases its first poster below.  Written and directed by Howard’s co-star Michael Worth (Batman Forever, The Butterfly Guard), the film is about an aspiring bank robber (Worth) who on a cross country road trip to knock over his home town bank, picks up an 80 year old man (Howard) who was just released from prison for the same crime.  The film also stars Esther Anderson (Home and Away), Adrienne Barbeau (Escape From New York), Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast, Ode to Billy Joe) and Howard’s youngest son, Clint (Gentle Ben), the pair playing father and son for the first time in their careers.  The film is a co-production between Button & Reel Entertainment and Grizzly Peak Films.  Produced by Dustin Rikert, Jody Marriot Bar-Lev and Avi Bar-Lev.  Apple-Seed-movie-Final

Road movie “Apple Seed” begins shooting in Arizona, Vermont.

Grizzly Peak Films new drama/comedy “Apple Seed” started filming this month in Arizona and wraps up production in Vermont early next month.  The road trip/bank robbery feature is executive produced by Jody and Avi Bar-Lev and is produced by Dustin Rikert and its director and star, Michael Worth.  The film also stars Rance Howard (Nebraska), Esther Anderson (Home and Away), Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast, Ode to Billy Joe), Adrienne Barbeau (Escape From New York) and Clint Howard (Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Missing).

Several on set photos have surfaced from the indie film project described as: “A man (Worth) who has hit a road block in life, decides to drive across the country to rob his hometown bank.  On the way, he must rely on the help of a hitchhiking stranger (Howard) whose own seemingly erratic journey is on a collision course for the same destination”.  The film has no set release date but is estimated as spring 2018.


Seeking Dolly Parton releases on streaming and Blu-ray May 23!


The indie comedy from Grizzly Peak Films and CNC Movie Factory, Seeking Dolly Parton, is now available for sale and streaming on iTunes and Amazon.  The lesbian based rom com from filmmaker Michael Worth stars Kacey Clarke, Anya Monzikova and Worth as a trio dealing with the end of some relationships and the beginning of new ones.  Shot in beautiful Northern California, Seeking also stars Raffaello Degruttola (Saving Private Ryan), Alex Ballar (All American Zombie Drugs) and Lois Stewart (God’s Ears).  The film screened at The Reeling Chicago Film Festival as well as The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.57.55 PM


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The lesbian themed indie comedy Seeking Dolly Parton, starring Kacey Clarke, Anya Monzikova and Michael Worth, gets its official release on May 23 on Blu-ray, DVD and various streaming options.  Shot in the San Francisco Bay Area, the film festival hit already has produced a sequel, The Sugar Moon Tribe, slated for release in late 2017.  The film also stars Raffaello Degruttola (Saving Private Ryan), Lois Stewart (God’s Ears), Alex Ballar (All American Zombie Drugs) and is directed by Michael Worth.


Preorders are available on blu-ray at Amazon and on iTunes now!

Catch an interview with the filmmakers here!

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First images from “The Sugar Moon Tribe” released


a007_c014_0119sm-0001447The first photos from the set of The Sugar Moon Tribe, Grizzly Peak Films‘ follow up to their film festival smash Seeking Dolly Parton, have been released.  Starring Kacey Clarke, Sonya Davis, Michael Worth, Raffaello Degruttola, Lois Stewart, Miranda LeRae, Jennifer Kamstock, Bambiana, Odell Mack and introducing Mack Gamble Bevitz.A006_C013_01184PThe film written and directed by Worth follows two women (Clarke, Davis) who in discovering the challenges of raising a baby in an upper class setting in San Francisco are too much, start a communal living arrangement with a diverse group of friends.  The drama-comedy from CNC Movie Factory has a tentative release date for fall of 2017.



The film is currently shooting in San Francisco and Berkeley, California and will wrap production this February.



“Catfish Blues” releases to iTunes, Amazon and Special Blu-ray!

Grizzly Peak Films’ indie family comedy, “Catfish Blues” makes its debut on iTunes and Amazon today.  The Big Island Film Festival Audience Choice winner stars Max Tadman as a young boy spending a summer away from home when he is brought out of his shell by the unlikely 90-year-old Lois Stewart.  The two join forces to find the town’s lost pets and the missing pieces of their own lives.  Also starring Tim Thomerson, Margot Farley-Stuart, Israel Saez De Miguel and Joyce Westerguard.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.15.38 PM

Executive Producer David Tadman and Producer Michael Worth with director Junior Bonner shot the festival winning project in Northern California in the city of Chico.  Grizzly Peak Films is a Northern and Southern California based production company, utilizing the trained professionals of Los Angeles with the unique sense of environment and setting of its Northern counterpart.

Trying to break the “studio walls” of big productions with smaller passion projects, Grizzly Peak Films presents the first in a series of features to be released over the next few years.  Following this are the lesbian based comedy Seeking Dolly Parton, the MMA drama The Butterfly Guard and a feature film that has taken nearly 5 years to bring to the screen, the docu-comedy Bring Me The Head of Lance Henriksen.

A special limited edition Blu-Ray of the film is available exclusively through this company’s website.

“Catfish Blues” Receives Three Festival Nominations!


After following up screenings and wins with The Big Island Film Festival and The Indie Film Awards, “Catfish Blues” from Grizzly Peak Films and executive producer David Tadman has been nominated for three more accolades from The Maverick Movie Awards in Los Angeles.  With the first leading role for 94 year old actress Lois Stewart (and Grizzly Peak Films’ owner Michael Worth’s grandmother) she has been nominated as Best Actress for her effort (Stewart won a Best Supporting Actress award for her appearance in the film God’s Ears in 2011).

Stewart’s co-star, Tim Thomerson, has also received a Best Supporting nod for his role as a man struggling with Alzheimer’s.  Thomerson is a long established actor in Hollywood acting along side the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman and Linda Hunt.  He is also appearing in the upcoming Bring Me The Head of Lance Henriksen.

The film’s third nomination is for Best Cinematography, where the unique and beautiful setting of Chico, California was captured as the film’s background.  Shot on both Canon 7D and 5Dmk2 cameras to utilize a more mobile crew through the backwoods of Northern California, the project completed principal photography within a quick 10 day shoot.


The film is scheduled for a release on digital download platforms and a limited edition Blu-ray this fall.

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