“Seeking Dolly Parton” follow-up gets title, begins pre-production

(Michael Worth rehearses actresses Kacey Clarke and Sonya Davis) The lesbian-themed romantic comedy Seeking Dolly Parton, which made the festival rounds last year and is releasing under the Gravitas Label this spring, has an official follow up already going into … Continue reading “Seeking Dolly Parton” follow-up gets title, begins pre-production

Ozu Story

Last night I decided to pull out a stack of films I still had to watch from a group of some of my favorite directors and filmmakers. Choosing from a pile of Antonioni, Soderbergh and Goddard I finally settled on Yasujiro Ozu who, as I would start to define last night, is probably my favorite of them all. ┬áStylistically, the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa is much more along my own lines of visualizing as well as viewing stories, but as I have recently begun to notice, Ozu taps into something much more personal. The film I decided to watch was … Continue reading Ozu Story