Road movie “Apple Seed” begins shooting in Arizona, Vermont.

Grizzly Peak Films new drama/comedy “Apple Seed” started filming this month in Arizona and wraps up production in Vermont early next month.  The road trip/bank robbery feature is executive produced by Jody and Avi Bar-Lev and is produced by Dustin Rikert and its director and star, Michael Worth.  The film also stars Rance Howard (Nebraska), Esther Anderson (Home and Away), Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast, Ode to Billy Joe), Adrienne Barbeau (Escape From New York) and Clint Howard (Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Missing).

Several on set photos have surfaced from the indie film project described as: “A man (Worth) who has hit a road block in life, decides to drive across the country to rob his hometown bank.  On the way, he must rely on the help of a hitchhiking stranger (Howard) whose own seemingly erratic journey is on a collision course for the same destination”.  The film has no set release date but is estimated as spring 2018.



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