Grizzly Peak Films Launches Youtube Channel

Grizzly Peak Films’ youtube channel launched today with the World Premiere of “Seeking Dolly Parton” and the current production of “The Butterfly Guard”.  The goal of the channel is to display all the video content (trailers, clips, behind the scenes, festival coverage, etc.,) of the company in one convenient place.  Please subscribe to the channel for a chance to keep up with the series of releases and productions in 2015 and beyond.

Below is a small clip of the cast and director in rehearsal before shooting “Seeking Dolly Parton”:



  1. deargail · May 4, 2015

    How does one subscribe?

  2. Jennifer · May 10, 2015

    Dear Gail, (pun intended) 🙂
    Just go to
    Search for grizzly peak films… then hit the big red subscribe button
    Or you can just click on link here which will take you there!
    fellow Michael Worth and Grizzly Peak Films fan! 😉

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