Michael Worth returns to the fight film genre with indie “The Butterfly Guard”

In 1991, Michael Worth made his leading man debut in the kickboxing style film, “Final Impact” with Lorenzo Lamas. But after signing to a string of low budget head kickers, in the early part of 2003, Worth moved further from the genre to continue his dream of more exploritory and creative films. He began to raise money for his own modest film projects founding Grizzly Peak Films.

“It was a risk financially, but a no brainer creatively”, Worth says about stepping away from the Kickboxing paychecks. His first feature film as a writer/director, “God’s Ears”, became a film festival winning smash success, winning Worth among other awards, The Domani Vision Award for Emerging Talent in 2008 from Visionfest. Since then he has created a myriad of projects including the forthcoming “Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen” and “Seeking Dolly Parton”.

This December Worth returns to the genre that started his career, but with a twist. “I want to do a film about the people in the sport rather than just the choreography”. Filming across the globe from Bangkok, Thailand to Oakland, California, “The Butterfly Guard” is about those sacrifices and journeys fighters take when they dedicate their life to the path of competition. “Fighters are a unique animal”, he says, “but share many commonalities with all people following a dream and we are exploring that here”.

Executive Producers Chris Ross and Natalie Cardenas have come on board to help Worth turn the story to a celluloid reality. The cameras roll this December in Pattaya and Bangkok wrapping in the states in January, 2015.


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