Grizzly Peak Films Social Network Update

ETM5Running a small inde film company is hard, as we imagine running any small company is.  But when you try and run the company and keep up with the many ways to fast track to your audience, the work becomes near impossible.  That being said, we are recommitting to updating on our progress via our social network sites, the good as well as the bad, more often than we have over the past year.  Our blog here is an important way for us to not only share news of forth coming productions, but to be able to share in the process of filmmaking and marketing from the perspective of a goldfish company in a sea of Blue Whales.

So for the moment, tp quickly bullet point a few things….

  1. We have recently wrapped production on the romantic drama, “Enchanting the Mortals” with Kacey Barnfield, Michael Worth and Eileen Grubba.
  2. Both “Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen” and “Seeking Dolly Parton” are now currently being submitted in rough cut form to film festivals and will, once polished in post, announce screenings in various cities.
  3. Grizzly Peak Film co-produced horror comedy “All American Zombie Drugs” from Alex Ballar is currently at Blockbuster.
  4. Pre-production is likely to start next week on a new feature which we will announce shortly.

Thanks for all your support and interest and we look forward to a very new worthy year of films!