The music of Corey Jackson from “God’s Ears” now available on itunes

Corey Allen Jackson is a longtime composer and a veteran contributor to the films of Grizzly Peak Films including “Devil on the Mountain”, “Dual” and “War Wolves”.  One of his more delicate and sensitive contributions has been to the small indie award winning film “God’s Ears” from director Michael Worth.  Recognized by the filmmakers as one of the film’s strong suits, Jackson’s score takes the viewer through a subtle emotional journey between two seemingly very different people as they learn to love.  In anticipation of the August 21 DVD release, itunes is now making this complete gorgeous score available to the public for the first time.

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God’s Ears Score

Corey Allen Jackson is a music composer for films, televisions and video games. He is also a conductor, keyboardist, guitarist and music producer. He entered the world of film and television by composing music to NBC’s Starting Over and quickly began scoring indie films. Jackson’s fresh musical approach drew the attention of Oscar-nominated animator/director/producer Bill Plympton. Their collaboration produced Sundance and Tribeca successes Hot Dog, Shut-Eye Hotel and Idiots and Angels amongst other projects. Jackson’s darkest writing has earned him a horror fan base through many films including Left in Darkness, several projects for SyFy and I Spit on Your Grave 2010. The latter, unrated, received a limited release in the U.S. and was an international box office success. It has since become a top-earning Anchor Bay DVD.