Grizzly Peak Films Celebrates Cinematographer Neil Lisk

(Neil Lisk and Michael Worth on set)

Award winning “God’s Ears” would pair together director Michael Worth and cinematographer Neil Lisk for the very first time in that working dynamic.  Their last film together as director/cinematographer was called “Fort Mccoy” (though both worked one more time on the film “Complacent” for director Steven R. Monroe where Worth was an actor).  This month, “God’s Ears” will have its Carmel premiere at The Carmel Art and Film Festival in California.  This festival follows just three weeks later on the heels of both The Route 66 Film Festival where “God’s Ears” won Best Drama and The 27th Boston Film Festival where Lisk won Best Cinematography for their work on “Mccoy”.

The date Lisk’s award was announced was on September 22, 2011.

The date Neil Lisk passed away was on September 22, 2010.

“There could not have been a better day to see him acknowledged like that”, Worth commented. “There was rarely a better person suited for this medium than Neil.  He was a full time student of his craft, he loved what he did, he enjoyed what he did and you could always count on him to steal everyone’s heart.  More of a family man than I have ever met, he always brought some of that loyalty to the set.  I spoke to him the day before he passed away as we were planning on seeing a screening of a documentary on Jack Cardiff and he said to me ‘I’d be happy making hundred more God’s Ears over another big impersonal production again.’  He meant that making a few bucks on a film that inspired him was more important than a lot of money on one that didn’t.  To me I want to always stay connected to that.”

Lisk did several films with Grizzy Peak Films, including the Syfy original film “Devil on the Mountain” (“Sasquatch Mountain”) for director Steven R. Monroe and screenwriter Worth.  One of Lisk’s final completed feature films was Monroe’s “I Spit on Your Grave” from 2010.

“God’s Ears” screens October 15 at 8pm at the Carmel Art and Film Festival, just 100 miles south/west from where the film was shot.  Local Carmel actress, and Worth’s own grandmother, Lois Stewart made her debut in the film and will also be attending with her grandson.

“Neil would have loved being up in Carmel for the festival”, Worth said. “But seeing him honored last month in that fashion makes me pretty sure he will be there.”

(Neil Lisk on the set of “God’s Ears”)

Tickets for the festival are still available:  CARMEL ART AND FILM FESTIVAL


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