“God’s Ears” takes “Route 66” on the way to “Carmel”

“God’s Ears”, Grizzly Peak Films’ and director Michael Worth’s celebrated film about an autistic man trying to fight both in the ring and in love, made news again this month on the film festival trail.  The film won the Best Drama award from the Illinois based “Route 66 Film Festival” recently, screening on September 17th.  “My work on ‘Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen’ and this new project we are starting kept me from getting out there, but we we are so happy and honored to have won ‘Best Drama’ “, Worth commented.

But Worth will be attending the film’s next screening on the coast. “God’s Ears” has been chosen as an Official Selection in the 2011 “Carmel Art & Film Festival” held October 12-16 in Carmel, Ca.  It is a sort of homecoming for some of the filmmakers as both Worth and members of his family grew up and live on the Monterey Peninsula there.  Worth’s uncle Richard Price was one of the co-founders of the world re-known Esalen institute on the Big Sur coast and his grandmother Lois Stewart (who recently captured a Best Senior Actor Award in the Bay Area’s Best Actor in a Film Festival) debuts in the film and currently resides there with her daughter Christine’s family.  “This is one of those ‘wish-list’ festivals I would have wanted to get into.  And the fact that the man who I have probably studied more than anyone in my modest career, Clint Eastwood, participates at the fest, makes it all that much better of a wish come true”, Worth said.

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“God’s Ears” will be screening October 15 at 8pm.  Tickets are still available for the film and the event on the web site.




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