“God’s Ears” 89 year old star Lois Stewart honored; Florida Premiere in June


In its wonderfully extended film festival life, “God’s Ears” has been honored to be included in a great range of new festivals supporting the many indi filmmakers all over the world. In late May, the film was honored for the first time with awards for two of the only remaining main cast members, Tim Thomerson and 89 year old Lois Stewart, who had not previously won before. The festival was the acting focused Best Actor (in a) Film Festival in San Francisco and director/actor Michael Worth also received a Best Actor Award that night. But it was Lois Stewart, who also happens to be Worth’s grandmother, who received the most attention that night and rightfully so as not only was she the oldest member in the group, but the accolade honored her very first time in front of the camera.


“God’s Ears” will have its Florida premiere this weekend at another new festival; The Movieville International Film Festival. Nominated are Best Actress Margot Farley as well as Michael Worth for Actor and Director.

It will also be a first nomination for cinematographer Neil Lisk, who passed away last year far ahead of his time.