Steve Mcqueen and The Tea Ceremony

The King Of Cool. One of the reasons I became an actor. Japanese film directors. One of the reasons I became a film maker. Here I was at the pinnacle of my creative universe.  In Tokyo, a city raised from the ashes time and time again from Godzilla’s and Mothra’s constant trysts, standing across from the man who should have never been an actor and ended up a legend. Or at least something that looked like him.  But not a bad likeness staring out at me through the Toys McCoy Window in Ebisu, Japan.  The streets here are a little … Continue reading Steve Mcqueen and The Tea Ceremony

Not Lost In Translation

The internal clock went off at 6:30 am.  I was getting better.  No more 4:45. Instead of trying to force some more restful sleep into my system I decided that being Sunday morning, this would be the best time for a run through the City of Uwara as there would be less pedestrian traffic to dodge through.  As always with these foreign country runs, I start off thinking I am going to do two or three miles and find by the end of my sight seeing I have done closer to six.  I was quickly reminded that the danger was … Continue reading Not Lost In Translation

“God’s” and Kurosawa

Japan hit me like a warm wet rag. But in a good way. The heat and humidity was more than I was expecting.  Not too much different than the weather in Hawaii recently where I was under similar circumstances.  Once again, my film God’s Ears had carried me across the sea on some new adventure.  For all I put into the film, it has certainly been paying it back in the frequent travel miles. Skip City is about a 30 minute train ride from Tokyo.  You can practically see it from Tokyo as well since there is little in the … Continue reading “God’s” and Kurosawa

“God’s Ears” Heads To Japan

Skip City D-Cinema Film Festival has chosen Grizzly Peak Films’ “God’s Ears” to represent the United States in the feature film category.  Director/actor Michael Worth will be attending the festival which is July 10 through July 20.  The opening ceremony will screen Kurosawa’s classic “Rashomon” in a unique 4K projection.  Worth has credited Kurosawa as being one of his biggest influences as a director, “The Seven Samurai” being his favorite film. Worth will update the current blog through the course of the festival. “God’s Ears” has just come off a long stretch of film festival appearances including The Las Vegas … Continue reading “God’s Ears” Heads To Japan